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Big Cypress Y2K Totem Pole Phish Poster
big cypress phish posters

Big Cypress Y2K Totem Pole phish poster
"Big Cypress Y2K Totem Pole"

This poster was entered into the Seminole Museum


Coventry 'Teardrop' Phish Poster

phish poster Teardrop

This Coventry phish poster was
hand painted by Kiffer in 5 weeks. This idea came to me as we approached the end of Phish as we know it. I wanted an image that would sum up the somber event but not dwell on the sadness. This is a 13x19 matte photo, printed on my Epson 1400 professional wide format printer.
IT spells "COVENTRY" at the top in psychedelic letters with the dates at the bottom.
It is shipped First Class in a TUBE.

13x18 $30.00
8x11 $10.00
4x6 -$6.00
Free Shipping!

Comes with free "Lizards Discovering the Rhombus poster!!

Free "Lizards Discovering the Rhombus poster!!

'Lizards Playing Poker' Phish Poster

"Lizards Playing Poker"
vegas phish poster lizard playing poker
Concept by Noah Phence.
Mind blowing graphics by Brad Wilson

17 x 11
80 lb glossy cover

"Lizards Playing Poker" 17X 11 Phish Poster
$40.00-Free Shipping!
Free Coney Island Phreak Show poster!

A play on the famous painting "Dogs Playing Poker". Several 'Lizards' playing high stakes poker at a "Rhombus" shaped table with a "Maze" on the surface. There is a "Mango", "Pebbles and Marbles", the Helping Phriendly Book and "Esthers doll", at stake. Against the wall are bottles of "Mexican Cousin", and "Bathtub Gin". The pictures on the wall are of Albert Hoffman holding the LSD molecule and my Y2K Big Cypress Totem Pole poster. The window has tiny various trippy things in the background like-- "ENJOY LSD" in the coca-cola logo. The dates of the shows are on the sign and on cards on the table . The smoke from the dooby spells LSD in celebration of Albert Hoffman's psychedellic bike ride on April 16. This picture on ebay does not do the poster justice.
It is shipped First Class in a TUBE.

"Lizards discovering the Rhombus" Phish Poster

phish poster 2001
2001 Space Oddesey
"Lizards discovering the Rhombus"
11 X 17"
100 lb gloss.


"Lizards discovering the Rhombus"

A play on the movie "2001Space Oddessey".
A NYE Phish poster made from 6 ft tall painting! (What Phish did for 2001.) The top reads "Also Spratch Zarathustra"
It's the band 'Phish' as Lizards with Paul L and Chris K who's tending the fire/lights, out near Stonehendge (in background of painting which you cant see in this small photo).
The Red Headed Crimson Dego like' Lizard is reaching up to the 'Rhombus'.
The Hal-9000 computer eye is at the bottom. Top left is the pre-natal vacume W/ the new years baby for the "beginning of a new age". 11x17"-on 100 lb gloss.
It is also the sister poster to the famous
"Y2K Big Cypress Totem Pole" New Years Eve Poster. It is shipped First Class in a TUBE.

phish poster 5'' painting
Made from 6'tall original painting
$10.00 -Free Shipping!

'Its A Hand Me Down" Phil Lesh Poster

"It's A Hand Me Down "
grateful dead phil lesh  posters

19 x 13  100 lb stoc

"It's A Hand Me Down "

Phil and Jerry on the Cistine Chapel.
A play on Michaelangelos "Creation of Adam"

10.00-Free Shipping!

IT 'Flower OF Life' Phish Poster
it  phish posters
8x11 IT Phish Poster


IT "Flower of Life"

8.5 x 11 Glossy Photo.
Printed to fit perfectly in 11x14 Pre cut mattes

This beautifuly hand drawn
piece is also by Kieffer.
You can choose the color of the background!
15.00 Free Shipping!

Other Ones Pheonix Poster
Other Ones Pheonix Poster

"Other Ones Pheonix"

8.5 x 11 Glossy Photo.
Printed to fit perfectly in 11x14
Pre cut mattes

A Pheonix of blue flame rising up from the cracked open steal your egg, goin down the road feelin bad .The Pheonix is looking  to the east for the birth of  The Other Ones . In the chest of the Pheonix grows an ice blue rose and across it are the subtle initals of
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

15.00-Free Shipping!


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